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Daniel Weirauch of Saginaw, Michigan is a 15-year-old guitar major student at Interlochen Center for the Arts in northern Michigan. We want to share with you his musical journey and our mission to keep up with the pace that he deserves and works so hard for. 


It all began at age 9 when our family moved into our new home that surprisingly came with a beautiful old piano. This is when we learned of his natural talent as he sat down and diligently watched YouTube videos to teach himself how to play. Our family and friends were clearly hearing the fast growth and excitement in Daniel’s skill.


In May of 2013, Daniel began free music lessons through a fantastic Saginaw non-profit organization called Major Chords for Minors which was the budding contribution towards what was to come.


At first, Daniel began with piano lessons and then quickly moved onto guitar, then bass, and drums. Overall, Daniel plays 6 instruments and also recently began singing as well and has developed a true love for performing.

Along the way of his growth in music, Daniel was given an opportunity to attend the prestigious Interlochen Center for the Arts, a world-class educational and cultural opportunity. 


At that time, Daniel was prediagnosed with Epilepsy just 4 weeks before he moved into his dorm at Interlochen. There have been struggles with side effects of medications and memory loss from seizures but Daniel perseveres.


Regardless of these challenges, he's on track to completing his sophomore year at Interlochen this May and he has been asked to return for his junior year this Fall 2019.


OUR MISSION... Daniel has many special musical talents that cannot be ignored, music is his life and passion that will be nurtured with every open possibility to learn and grow.


Financially, the ability to continue into the Fall is not feasible as the tuition is $9500. We are on a mission to ensure that Daniel can continue his educational journey in music to advance his experiences for his dream.


If you would like to donate and share our story, we greatly appreciate your kindness in helping to make our goal happen a reality!



  June 30, 2019 

  For the Love of Music Fundraiser & Music Festival  2 pm - 9 pm  

 Bring lawn chairs and tents for hours of fun! 


11415 Lakefield Park, St. Charles, MI 48655


We're super excited for this great lineup of local talented musicians! 




The Rock Show

Marsupial Creampie

Barbarossa Brothers

 and Major Chords for Minors Band!


Silent Auction

Horseshoe Tournament

Rummage Sale

Crafts for Kids

Food Vendors

Photo Booth

& Much More!

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 August, 2018 

So this was super exciting to have Daniel recognized for his talents by our local news!


Every little bit of exposure helps encourage and grow his love for the musical arts!


We're so thankful for this recognition and loving support from WNEM!

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